Storyweaver (2014)

Weaving the story with sound and visuals by piano. The Storyweaver is a piano performance that uses the Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space to tell a story, making it a “physical live experience“.

Storyweaver project page

Momentrium (2012-)

Moment + rium. Momentrium is a series of art work to express "moment" by using arrow light. From still object to kinetic object, this project creates a Momentrium through challenging projects.

Momentrium project page

TRIART (2013)

"Triathlon x Art" We will show the TRIART LIVE that is a real-time visualization system to show the status of athletes in a unique way. Plus the TRIART LOG which is a picture roll log of each athlete will be generated through the event.

TRIART project page

Connecting Monsters (2013-)

A new monster made from tweets in Istanbul is appearing in the Besiktas Square of Istanbul.

Connecting Monsters project page

TRIART (2012)

TRIART is an experimental art project to realize new expression by combining Triathlon and Art. This TRIART was conducted in Sunport Takamatsu Triathlon 2012.

TRIART project page

i (2011)

When you twist the dial of the timer, the shape "i" which is consisted of both round part and bar will be broken but it will get back on the form of "i". When it approaches to the original form, the timer is starting to ring. At the same time, the computer will be shut down.

i project page

Kazamidori (2009)

Kazamidori" is a device to indicate the social wind of interests on the Internet. It works by using the social energy of web accesses to Ars Electronica. When somebody visits the Ars Electronica website, "Kazamidori" turns to point in the direction of the visitor.

Kazamidori project page

Blue (2008)

"BLUE" is a permanent art installation in Ars Electrtonica Center Linz. "BLUE" delivers real-time visualizations of the Danube's flow speed, wave formation and water level. All sorts of bubbles flow in the virtual Danube, and they're constantly combing the internet for info about the river and its environs.

BLUE project page
Takamatsu Media Art Festival 2015

The TRIART project was awarded for a special honorary mention "Hiroyuki Tarumi prize". We will exhibit a documentary exhibition of the TRIART, specially the project in 2012.



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* asterisk: things that Google can’t search

The project * (asterisk) is currently shown in the gallery SUBURBIA in Leonding in Austria. The exhibition will be till October 11, in 2014.

"I Believe in Internet" (*) : urbanfarm, Leonding, Austria, September 24-October 11, 2014

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Momentrium #3 Mars

The new piece of Momentrium series was shown in a big dome called Mariendome in Linz.

This project #3 Mars expresses a real-time position of the Mars. A robotic arm of the object has an illuminated arrow and moves slowly, and the arrow points to the position of the Mars. Sometimes, the robot arm starts...

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Kazamidori in a small shop (Ars Electronica Festival 2014)

In Ars Electronica Festival 2014(September 4-8, 2014), the city of Linz became a big museum consisted of micro exhibitions of art projects. Our Kazamirori was shown in a show window of a small stationary shop in Linz.

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